Getting paid by Genesis Mining – basic guidelines

I wrote earlier about how to set up your Genesis Mining platform.  While Freewallet (or another external cryptocurrency wallet) is a good option, it is easier and potentially safer to use a marketplace wallet directly (only one point of failure). This way, you’ll only have to do one transfer, and the funds will be immediately available to exchange for USD/EUR/your currency of choice.

There are several options to choose from based on your location. I use these marketplaces:

  • Kraken (my main platform for selling / trading)
  • BitStamp (recommended for European users)
  • Bittrex (recommended if you want to trade mainly with cryptocurrencies / altcoin)

If you plan to start mining with GM, I recommend opening an account to Kraken / Bitstamp / Bittrex already, as their verification process can take a long time, especially with Kraken. That said, it’s worth the wait, and my recommendation of the three options listed here.

After your marketplace account is set up successfully, open a wallet for every currency you’re mining (Ether, Monero, BTC) and copy the wallet address to Genesis Mining’s settings so they can pay you directly. I also recommend activating two-factor authentication for increased security.

UPDATE 21.6.2017: I’ve moved to using the Exodus wallet – click here for more information.


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