Week 1: results and predictions

First week’s results are in. Please note that these estimates:

  • Are based on current market prices. If cryptocurrency prices increase, profits increase. If prices drop, profits drop.
  • Don’t take into account the gradual difficulty increase in mining.


June 5th – June 11th


Average Ethereum yield per day: 0.0305217

Two-year Ethereum yield estimate: 22.280841

Total contract lifetime income estimate (USD): $7761.57

Profit margin (2-year contract): $6467.64



Average Bitcoin yield per day: 0.0007745825

Yearly Bitcoin yield estimate (lifetime contract): 0.2827226125

Total yearly income estimate (USD): $843.55

Profit margin (1st year / consecutive years): $505.02 / $843.55

Please note that in the profit margin calculation for Bitcoin, I’ve assigned the initial contract fee for the first year. Since it’s a lifetime contract, there are no investment fees for consecutive years.



Average Monero yield per day: 0.026489192

Two-year Monero yield estimate: 19.33711016

Total contract lifetime income estimate (USD): $995.348

Profit margin (2-year contract): $672.148

Update 19.6: adjusted Monero profit margins due to an error in original formula.


Comparing my numbers with the results from CryptoCompare’s calculator, the yields are around 1-2% lower. I was expecting a lower yield, so this was a positive surprise.

The most important takeaways? From a yield perspective, the Ethereum investment will be paid off fastest (at around 4 – 4.5 months), and with the PoS update coming sometime in 2017 – 2018, you will want to hold as much Ethereum as possible at that point. More information about Proof of Stake here.  I will increase investment in all three fields to keep it diverse and help manage risk, but focus is on Ethereum.


Genesis Mining

Market Caps

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