Week 2 in numbers: strong Ethereum & BTC, Monero uneventful

Second week came and went – let’s see the numbers. Everything in the setup remains the same, except for a small allocation switch between ETH and ETC. The current profitability analysis for these two coins is nearly the same, but ETC yields are much higher; I’ll do a separate post about it later this week.

Projected income got a hefty bump and now stands at around $12k a year. Very happy about this, as I was expecting the currencies’ price increase to not have enough effect to offset the difficulty increase.

All data is now available in an open Google Spreadsheet here (you can also find it from the right-hand side on the website, under “Current Status”). Thanks Jake @ DigitalInvesting.io!

These estimates don’t take into account a) the mining difficulty increase, and b) price fluctuation.



Ethereum yield: 0.20383

Ethereum classic yield: 0.49365724

Total contract lifetime income estimate (USD): $8673.44

Profit margin (2-year contract): $6944.01



Bitcoin yield: 0.00731493

Total yearly income estimate (USD): $985.4

Profit margin (1st year / consecutive years): $428.62 / $985.4

Please note that in the profit margin calculation for Bitcoin, I’ve assigned the initial contract fee for the first year. Since it’s a lifetime contract, there are no investment fees for consecutive years.



Monero yield: 0.21639061

Total contract lifetime income estimate (USD): $1148.16

Profit margin (2-year contract): $744.16


All in all, very encouraging results. Ether continues to do well, and branching out to ETC will allow for spreading the investment and increasing potential through more coin (ETC is very fast to mine), while having minimal effect in overall profitability.

Monero remains an interesting candidate due to the price increase potential, but the week was rather uneventful. In other news, Bitcoin experienced a huge price spike, but the value quickly returned to earlier level.

I also recently got into Minergate, which is an easy solution to start mining a variety of cryptocurrencies (incl. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic) with your home computer – for free. I’ve written a separate post about Minergate here.


Genesis Mining

Market Caps

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