Week 3: increased Bitcoin yields, low Ether value

Third week passed with basically the same setup as the previous one. I’m thinking about allocating more hashpower to ETC (vs. ETH) but haven’t acted on it yet. Daily value for ETH is low today, which is clearly visible in the profit margins. Even with the low daily value, ETH stands as the most lucrative part of this project to date.

Bitcoin yield was actually higher than previous week (with the same hashpower assigned), which makes for some interesting theories. As always, the latest data is available in an open Google Spreadsheet here.

These estimates don’t take into account a) the mining difficulty increase, and b) price fluctuation.



Ethereum yield: 0.16951488

Ethereum classic yield: 0.68388561

Total contract lifetime income estimate (USD): $5902.00

Profit margin (2-year contract): $4172.57



Bitcoin yield: 0.00796723

Total yearly income estimate (USD): $1044.68

Profit margin (1st year / consecutive years): $487.90 / $1044.68

Please note that in the profit margin calculation for Bitcoin, I’ve assigned the initial contract fee for the first year. Since it’s a lifetime contract, there are no investment fees for consecutive years.



Monero yield: 0.20323520

Total contract lifetime income estimate (USD): $953.68

Profit margin (2-year contract): $549.68


Monero’s value is still low, which makes for somewhat uninteresting results, especially given the low investment at this point. However, Bitcoin continues to do well, and I’m contemplating purchasing more Bitcoin hashpower if the trend stays the same.


Genesis Mining

Market Caps

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